1. Session 1: Plan

    The PLAN sessions provide you the foundation upon which dental practitioners can effectively build businesses. You will gain and refine fundamental skills in executive communications, finance, and marketing.

    Topics Addressed:

    • Create and communicate a vision for your practice
    • Understand and use profit and loss statements to drive growth
    • Apply corporate structures to leverage tax advantages
    • Learn comprehensive marketing strategies and marketing ROI evaluation

    Key Outcomes: Develop and communicate your practice’s vision. Learn how to effectively read and use practice financial statements as management tools and develop a realistic capacity to evaluate marketing ROI across platforms.

    Contributors: John Budish, Katherine Eitel-Belt, Bob Grey, Doug Sligting

  2. Session 2: Build

    The BUILD sessions allow you to establish, evaluate and refine your business resources as you seek to improve and build upon your existing business operations.

    Topics Addressed:

    • Discover the process of valuing dental practices
    • Examine common pitfalls in lease and property owner agreements
    • Develop an understanding of how job descriptions, policy manuals, and employee handbooks can help your practice succeed

    Key Outcomes: Develop a growth or expansion plan that addresses technology, physical infrastructure, and human capital. Confidently explore expansion opportunities that match the developed business plan.

    Contributors: Vin Cardillo, Greg Auerbach, Eric Pook, Dr. Jared Van Ittersum, Dr. Elias Achey

  3. Session 3: Lead

    The LEAD sessions deliver skills and resources related to team development and leadership capacity for you, the practice owner. You will examine
    methods of creating motivated staff members across your organization.

    Topics Addressed:

    • Enhance your personal leadership capacity
    • Create and sustain a culture of engagement and success for your teams
    • Learn to recruit, select, and onboard talent successfully
    • Create effective compensation systems

    Key Outcomes: Develop your personal capacity to lead. Design a functional organizational chart and develop a stakeholder mentality for the business. Convey skills to lead a talent acquisition process that improves retention and enhances capacity to attract key team members.

    Contributors:  John Budish, Randa O’Connor, Ali Oromchian

  4. Session 4: Lean Management

    The LEAN sessions equip you to implement improvements in existing processes within your organization. This session also provides multiple
    opportunities to apply the overarching business principles developed throughout the program including direct interaction with a variety of investment entities.

    Topics Addressed:

    • Test your business plan with an investor panel and receive feedback from professionals who review financing requests every day
    • Use Lean Management systems to create efficiency within your practice
    • Monitor key performance indicators to ensure the performance of critical elements within your practice

    Key Outcomes: Develop your leadership skills to improve your organizational performance. Create a meaningful business plan and receive insights and feedback from a wide array of investor and finance industry insiders.

    Contributors: Dr. Sami Bahri, Jonathan Moffat, Dave Dahler, Fred LaCourt, Joe Mitchell, Vin Cardillo, Vance Taylor, Jim Philhower

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Time: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
• Katherine Eitel-Belt
• Jim Philhower
• John Budish


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